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Funded: West Virginia Schools to Participate in Evaluation of Math Curriculum That Uses Technology to Increase Student Achievement

Read the EdSurge article "What Research Says About Game-Based Learning" on the SRI Project Research on Assessment in Games (GlassLab-Research)

Blog Post: How Can We Ensure K-12 Student Success in Online Algebra Courses?

Don't miss our January Research Update Featuring Findings from the Evaluation of the Ready to Learn Initiative

Learn about recent results from our ongoing evaluation of the Ready to Learn Initiative (RTL). We will share what we have discovered about how public media materials can help low-income preschoolers develop key early mathematics skills.

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Tablet Based Math Game

Developing Foundational Math Skills for Preschool Learners

SRI International is collaborating with EDC and WGBH on the Next Generation Preschool Math (NGPM) project. NGPM, which was recently highlighted in a New York Times article, is a four-year National Science Foundation-funded project to develop and evaluate tablet-based apps and nondigital activities, with integrated teacher professional development, to increase math learning for preschool children.

The project team recently completed two years of design and iteration, field-testing the materials in classrooms that serve primarily at-risk and underserved children. In a small-scale study, we found that postest scores were significantly higher than pretest scores on an age-appropriate test of mathematics. In the fall 2013 semester, we will conduct a controlled experiment to further investigate the effectiveness of the materials. Learn more about the project in a blog post and see a video describing the project.

Cover of the Supporting K-12 Students in Online Learning: A Review of Online Algebra I Courses

Research from SRI Offers Insights to Guide Online Algebra Course Development

A new report issued by SRI, Supporting K-12 Students in Online Learning: A Review of Online Algebra I Courses, informs both designers and purchasers of online courseware about the characteristics of online Algebra I courses available in the marketplace. The report draws attention to a pressing challenge: increasing the accessibility of online courses for at-risk and struggling students. Addressing this challenge will be important if online learning is to support the long-standing government priority of achieving equity in U.S. education. To help education providers successfully meet this challenge, the next phase of SRI research will identify which features of online learning systems are associated with improved student outcomes.

Understanding How Teachers Choose and Use Courseware

Much of the digital technology that children use in schools is purchased by districts. What would change if teachers had their own budgets for digital resources? With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,, and Digital Promise, we are exploring this question.

The Digital Courseware Teacher Wallets (DCTW) program will provide 300 K-8 teachers nationwide with up to $200 per student to purchase courseware of their choice in core content areas. Participating teachers, selected from four districts within the League of Innovative Schools, will make purchases through

SRI is studying the economics and classroom implementation of this initiative. Our objectives are to learn how teachers choose, explore the effectiveness of the direct-to-teacher model, and learn how teacher and school characteristics shape teachers' choices and use of courseware.